Fairhaven High School Class of 1976

SECOND wave of photos. More to follow.....


1)Steve R., Steve P. speaking to Jackie Markey (Brad's wife).2)(with back to camera: Rachel M. Lynne H. Marlene M. Brad & Dave Smiling for camera and Dawn H. Rosemary K. on right.3)Steve P. John S. and Johns' wife Lori. 4)Dave F. and Russ S.5)Steve P. Wife Sue, Deb, Lynne and Steve.

1)Ernie L. talking to Paul (Pie) L. Paul's wife in middle. 2)John S. signing the banner with assistance from Karen C.3)Deb, Brad, Ann, Lynne, Dave,Kathy & Tom with "Wild" Wayne P. making his way to the door. (ya had to be there!) 4)Jimi M. and Dave F. 5)Laurie A. Kent H. and Wendy S.

1) Our significant others! 2) Sandy, Jackie, Jane & Sue 3) Mike, John & Dave 4) Ken and Dave 5) Lynne, Jimi and Kathy

1) Elaine J., Ray C, Deb R (now C.), Kathy G. 2) Debbie B. Deb's husband Dave, Steve F. and Dawn H.3)Sue D. Ernie L. Jessica D. Jimi M. 4) (Glenn's wife) Glenn B. & Peter G.5) Group Shot-Class of 76-35 years later.

1)Sandy F. Jackie G. Jane P. Sue F.2) Deb C. Brad M. Anne C. Lynne H. Dave F. Kathy T. and Tom M.3) Malvin L. with his Shark Case 4) "Wild" Wayne P. on the dance floor.5). Steve and Dave

1) Our Welcoming "signed " banner! 2)Laure A., Ritche P., Wendy S., Paul L. (Pie) & Lynne H.3) Russell S. and Thomas L.

Thanks to all FHS 76 Alumni and Guests who attend. YOU made this a Success...all 91 of YOU!

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