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Fairhaven High School
Class of 1976

Our Senior Class Will

from our school yearbook, The Huttlestonian

      I. MAUREEN, ANN, DEBBIE, JANET and LYNNE leave their summer camping trips to Miles standish to whoever can eat RAW hot-dogs.
      I. THE LUNCH BUNCH leaves a pile of unswept crumbs on the Art room floor.
      I. EGGY leaves the cage, Mr. Entin, and Mr. Bender to Jeffery Canastra.
      I. STEVE FOSTER leaves his football superstitions to spanky.
      I. KATHY LOPES leaves the boys' track team to Anne Suddy.
      I. The SENIORS leave the Circle, The Lot, The Fort, and the Wall. . . But will return next year.
      I. RICHIE PEASE leaves cracking himself up.
      I. THE RAT leaves POODLE forever.
      I. JANET HAYDON leaves her puns to Ginny Lawton an nothing to Cathy Bernard.
      I. The 1975 FOOTBALL TEAM leaves its 8-1 season to next year's team; to strive to a perfect 9-0 season; in other words. . . beat the _ _ _ _ out of Dartmouth!
leave their trips to U. Mass to anyone with "nothing better to do".
      I. The FIELD HOCKEY TEAM leaves Joey running.
      I. The M*A*S*H. Cast and Crew leaves Miss Richards to work with next year's cast and crew.
      I. STEPHANIE leaves her chemistry class full of boys to anyone who can handle them as well as she did.
      I. CELESTE MARION leaves her Math problems to her sister. . . . . but, she's keeping he calculator.
      I. WENDY LANGLOIS leaves her Guidance Office in Mrs. Paovia's capable hands; Brenda Gomes does likewise - leaving the Main Office to Esther.
      I. JOAN GRINDROD leaves her job of managing to any unsuspecting underclassman.
      I. The French Club leaves Mr. Dufour Les pictures indecrete of the October trip in '75.
      I. ANN CATALDO leaves, accidentally forgetting about her Psychology class.
      I. SHARON METHENY leaves listening to echoes of "Shut Up, Sharon" from the Murray twins.
      I. ROSEMARY KEIGHLEY leaves the yearbook Business Department to anyone who can handle it.
      I. The Seniors on the girls basketball team leave running laps. LINDA, NANCY, and RICH leave Mr. Pierce one last "Good Morning".
      I. The A. V. Club leaves Mr. Barriteau saying "If you're not A.V. ----Keep Moving!".
      I. KRIS, LAURIE, JANET, STEF, ANN and SUE leave their GREAT times at concerts to any group of Juniors that can afford the outrageous ticket prices.
      I. TERRY FLAVIN, leaves her Eastern philosophies to whoever can accept them.
      I. DEBBIE ALBINO, leaves her decorating bags to Mrs. Pursley.
      I. PAUL ROUSSEAU leaves his cellar, beer-stained ping-pong table, and his broken down pool table to his sister Janice, to carry on he tradition of partying - provided he is invited.
      I. ANNE POUNDS leaves her talent of cutting in the lunch line to anyone dumb enough to stay in the back and wait.
      I. LYNNE and JANET leave their absenteeism to whoever thinks they can con their mother into letting them stay home so often.
      I. MATH 12A leaves Mr. Malcolm alone.
      I. RAY CANASTRA leaves his number 2 locker and his "BRUT" to Scott Young.
      I. The LADIES OF THE GYM leave their seats on the bench to anyone who can manage to have all three lunch shifts.
      I. SARA LAMARRE leaves her good times before school and her after sessions for being late to Terry Ducary.
      I. For Mrs. Tenczar, ANN and KRIS leave the locker room quite.
      I. The SENIOR CLASS leaves knowing that their float was really NUMBER ONE.

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