Fairhaven High School Class of 1976

ANGELS of 1976

You cherished the investment in your 76 Class Ring and Year Book, because it stood for the unity and membership in a voyage of 12 years of learning. At the end of that voyage, you received Tassel and Gown and again you cherished these things as your accomplishment in that voyage and a sendoff in the many directions of life. Some went off to share lives, some to save lives and some that brought new lives into their journey. You have learned new things, lived in and visited new places and crossed many other people’s paths. You accomplished many great things. Our Finish lines are all different, they all come at different times. Our lives will not be judged. We will all just be remembered. When all our finish lines are reached, our legacies should be remembered for generations to come. Your last cherished investment could be for the memory of your life. A Memorial Brick placed in your name with your class of 76 in our beautiful Memorial Brick Park. We will never let our footprints be swept from these halls. Home is not where life takes you, its where you come back too. The Angels of '76 Fairhaven High School.

The Angels 76 Board of Directors did not set the price of a brick, each memorial brick costs $100 to be created and installed, standardize by the FHS Memorial Brick Park Committee.

Angels 76 obtained an old school desk from Fairhaven High school, John spent a summer refurbishing the desk and now uses it as a show piece for our fund raising events. Envelopes for donations are inside the desk along with a Class 1976 year book. Reflecting on our class"s past, our class"s future.

Anyone can visit the FHS Memorial Brick Park.

Angel's fund raiser for 2021 is a letter sent out to our classmates.
Please support our FHS Class 76 Memorial Brick Park Legacy project. Donate any amount.
Please make checks payable to Angles '76. 100 % raised is used to purchase Class '76 memorial bricks for our deceased classmates.
Send in your name and email address. If making a donation in the name of someone, please include the name. Donations of $50 or more will receive a Angles pin. The Angels Pin is 1.5 inches in diameter.

Angels "76 successfully raised the necessary funds to put into the Memorial Brick Park the 46 deceased members of our class. Creating the largest memorial to date towards any one FHS graduating class. Currently raising funds to place ALL members of our class into the Memorial Park thus, creating a lasting memorial to the CLASS of 1976. You can assist by donating using this form. Send to Angels 76 C/O 872 Tradewind Street, New Bedford, Mass. 02740

Recently adding Leory"s brick to the Class '76 line up.

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