Message From Our Class President....

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Fairhaven High School Class of 1976 site!

By many metrics, high school was more than a few life changing events away. Time is definitively moving forward; however, we are still indefinitely captured in High School through our broad recollections and photos.

By the gracious talent of several dedicated classmates, this Web site has grown and continues to grow through your input. The goal of the creators was to allow a media source to recollect and reconnect with fellow classmates/friends.

This site is off to great start and we encourage you to send photos, emails, wine bottles or anything you deem suitable to the gracious collaborators in this fine endeavor.

We truly wish you all are enjoying every day as a gift and taking nothing for granted.

Hope to see you all at the next class reunion (45th to be exact) in 2021!

Our own web site, some 42 plus years in the making....

A note from the creators of the Fairhaven High School Class of 1976 Web site.

As Kent mentioned above, we are asking for the assistance from all of our classmates to send in old photos from our years at FHS, Updated photos or just say hello to let the rest of the class know you are alive and well! We have an elementary and junior high school page you can click on to several of the school photos to expand behind the scenes to take a look at our very early years. The site also provides an email listing of our classmates so we can continue the lines of communication. If you have not made contact yet, and would like to, you can use the email/sign in page to do so. Our site is growing and will continue to expand with input from ALL of you. We welcome suggestions, ideas, and criticism about the class site or of the numerous pages. This is the class history of Fairhaven High School graduation class of 1976 and our legacy, cyber style, so let us know your thoughts! Also with great sadness, we have provided an IN MEMORY page to honor our beloved classmates who are no longer with us. We have some pictures of the 25th reunion sent to us by our classmate Jim Mathieu (thanks Jim!) and a lot of the 30th set up for your viewing pleasure. We have a sign in-comment page where we welcome and encourage your responses or just say hello. As we acquire new information we will post it so you can be informed as to the latest information about us, The Class of 1976. Check back often. Turn up your speakers as we hope that you enjoy this site and it leaves you with a memorable visit. Thank you from creators.

UPDATE NOTE: CONGRATULATIONS! FSHC76.COM and FHS CLASS of 76! As of 08/25/2017 our site posted over 216,187 HITS! Through this portal we have renewed many old friendships and made several new ones along the way. Please, if you have NOT emailed your contact information to us we ask you to do so. Our database of classmates and friends continues to expand. Only through your efforts can we keep you informed and up to date about the coming 45th reunion and our sequin annual "Gathering of classmates".

40th Class Reunion Count Down.

Target date is the FVHN. Home Coming Day of June 26th 2021.

Just days to go!

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