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Fairhaven High School Class of 1976



How this all began, well, soon after our 35th Class reunion, our Lil’ John posted on his face book account a “Call to Arms” revamping Mike’s original gift idea. Johns’ idea was simple enough, cashing in the cans and bottles for their deposit collected all through the summer. Here are two photos of the fateful event.

These next photos follow the second phase of “Operation Glass Gift”. The logistics or the planning out of the Yard Sale at the end of the summer. The group meets at the old A&W Root Beer joint now known as Honey Dew doughnuts. Group of our Rock & Roll Girls putting it all together as John writes it all down. Yeah, that’s John, difficult to identify without a blue can huh?

2nd Oraganizational Meeting August 17th 2011


Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm. Present were Jeanne, Dawn, Anne, Kim, Judy, Jane & Kenny, John, and myself.

John noted that Mike will provide wrappings, cash boxes, bags (paper or plastic?), price tags, and COFFEE! It was then discussed that the 76 cent price was a good idea but who was going to deal with the change issue. Lynda will bring a bag of pennies if people don't have correct change. Sometimes when there is an issue with change they donate their change. Not all items will be priced 76 cents but contain that number in its price. Another catchy theme! John will be responsible for providing the cash or change for the cash boxes (possibly from the can proceeds as it is the same fundraiser)

Jeanne spoke of balloons (red, white and blue) to have around the parking lot. Kim will look into whether or not we can display John's Yard Sale Party Banner under the Premium Liquor sign on the day of the event. If not, perhaps we can put out balloons in the front and hang it from the side wall of the building.

John is going to provide tables and awnings for the yard sale and time of arrival was discussed. Pretty much, most of us will be there at 7 to 7:30 to set up. Shifts can be scheduled with others coming later when some may wish to leave. We will also have a chinese auction table and wish that any "new" donated items be placed on that table. Dawn wants to put together baskets with child themes for the auction table. It was decided that we will have a clipboard recording the name of the person, phone number and their assigned chance number. They don't have to be present at drawing to win. (Maybe 1 chance for $1.00, 5 chances for $3.00, or 12 chances for $5.00) Donations are needed from area business as they will benefit the auction table, as well.

Jane has made some beautiful jewelry items to sell and asks that the material cost be returned to her with the profit donated to the project. Jane will keep track of her own table.

A visit was made to see the pile of cans John has collected (which must be out of his house before this weekend or else he is homeless). It was discussed that he will need help turning them in. Maybe Dave and Mike can help with that venture.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm with John distributing his beautiful 12" by 20" advertising posters. We all took some to post at businesses in our area.

Next meeting to be determined when necessary. Special thanks to the hosts, John and Lori Sharples!!

In order to reserve a window in Fairhaven High School to hang a stained glass window from your class, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Indicate your interest by meeting with the Principal of F.H.S. to discuss details and reserve a window.
  2. Once a window is assigned to a class, a non-refundable deposit of $250 (payable to the artist) is required within 30 days. At that time Susan Berberian will begin the concept phase of the process.
  3. The concept must be approved by the Stained Glass Committee.

The first three (of Six) steps are now satisfied and are behind us as on Friday 8.19.11 Mike, John and Dave presented FHS Principal Tara Kohler with the Class "CONCEPT" for the Staind Glass Window gift from the class of 76.

And we were allowed to roam around with out a "Hall Pass" too!


We will publish more photos and information as we obtain it on “Operation Glass Gift”.


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