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Fairhaven High School Class of 1976

Basic Steps for Planning a Class Reunion.

  1. Assemble a reunion committee.
  2. Don't ever underestimate the work involved in planning a reunion.
  3. Start planning your reunion two years before the actual date.
  4. Meet with your reunion committee members at least once a month in person,conference call or emails to discuss details of your reunion.
  5. Design a budget.
  6. Plan your class reunion on a weekend, specifically on a Friday or a Saturday and do it in late summer or early fall. (
  7. Plan activities that can have an impact on your reunion.
  8. On the day of your reunion make sure all your guests are properly registered.

From the Alumni of the Class 1976, reunions are to be enjoyed, stop stressing! The song goes: Clean Shirt, New shoes, Silk Suit, Black Tie, crazy "bout a sharp dressed man. You can hum the rest of this ZZ Top song.

Here are some tips taken off the internet for your reference.
Simple Do"s and Don"ts

  1. Don't skimp on grooming - Glowing skin, healthy hair, manicured nails and toes are essential. Depending on how far you are willing to go (and how much you can spend) now is the time to try "extra" treatments like professional highlights and microdermabrasion.
  2. Do shop early - Once you have a date and an idea of the dressiness of the event, you can start the search for an outfit. Locate the dress before you buy shoes or accessories.
  3. Do update your look - A new outfit doesn't have to be young and trendy; it does need to show that you've progressed over the years and pay attention to changing styles. Make sure you hair and makeup have changed over the years, too.
  4. Don't dress too young-(We are NOT that old!). With today's advances in skin and body treatments, it's not impossible to look really hot at your th high school reunion. But don't be tempted to show off your girlish figure with skintight dresses, miniskirts and multiple body piercings. Instead, show off a great figure with chic body-skimming sweaters, beautifully cut sheath dresses or skirts that show off your toned game.
  5. Don't worry too much - Everyone else is stressing too! Once you get there and start seeing old friends, catching up, sharing baby pics and swapping email addresses, you'll find that your preoccupation with looks will start to disappear.

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