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Fairhaven High School Class of 1976

2012 Scholarship Winner Announcement

The Fairhaven High Class of 1976 Memorial Scholarship was established to honor our classmates who have passed away since our graduation. With this scholarship we would like to award a Fairhaven high school senior who exemplifies character, leadership and community service. This year's recipient has demonstrated these qualities throughout the last fours years. It is with great pleasure that the Class of 1976 award their 2012 Memorial Scholarship to GABRIELLE DESMARIAS in their Memory.

Gabrielle will be attentending Bridgewater University majoring in Education.

2011 Scholarship Winner Announcement

Class 76 is pleased to announce that the scholarship committee has chosen both Christina Pottel and Colin McGreevy as the first two recipients of the Class of 1976 Memorial Scholarship awards of $500.00 each. Thank you to our committee members for all their hard work starting at the fundraiser at Homecoming '09.

How the Winners were selected: Our selection process weighed the number of votes received, the quality of the contributor's response, and the quality of the comments received. As stated in the directions, receiving the greatest number of votes was not the only criteria used to select scholarship winners. We feel that through this process we have identified individuals who will make the most of the opportunity to contribute to and learn from our local community-based volunteer programs. In the end it is the Class if 76 hope, their enthusiasm, creativity and initiatives will be put into greater good for the next generation. We want to thank all who applied. It is our class's sincere hope that the candidates will continue to work to make a difference, both in their home and their communities.

2011 Class 76 Memorial Scholarship recipients are:

Finance and Marketing Major                                     Education (History) Major

Mike and Kathy representing the FHS Class of '76 at the Fairhaven High School awards ceremony July 14th 2011.

FHS Class of 1976 Memorial Scholarship Drive-2009

The Fairhaven High Class of 1976 Memorial Scholarship Fund Raffle that was held at the 2009 Homecoming Fair

Fairhaven High Class of 1976 Announces High School 2011 Scholarship Application

2011 Applications is closed. Spring 2012 next round.

The Fairhaven High School Class of 1976 Memorial Scholarship application is now available to Fairhaven High seniors graduating in 2011. This scholarship, which was funded through classmate donations and a fundraiser at the 2009 Homecoming Fair, is in memory of deceased members of the class of 1976. The scholarship will help fund members of the class of 2011 in their continuing education to a four year degree program, hopefully in education but all applicants will be considered. It is also part of the Dollars for Scholars program. Seniors, please see your guidance counselor for the application or download a copy from the Class of '76 website at

        "The Fairhaven High Class of 1976 announces the Class of 1976 Memorial Scholarship Fund Raffle that was held at the 2009 Homecoming Fair. The purpose of the raffle was to raise funds for a 2011 scholarship to be awarded to a student or students from Fairhaven High . The class dedicated this fund to the classmates that have died since 1976 and it's hope was to raise enough funds to make a difference in a students higher education funding. A small committee will be formed to determine how to distribute the funds. The total amount raised "so far" was $1267.00. There were number of great items that were raffled including a Gas Stove from Woodstock Soapstone Stove Co., an original print from our own Teresa Flavin, an artist and classmate now living in Scotland, various certificates for local seafood, round trip tickets to NYC, hand made jewelry, a basket of Vermont goodies and many other fun items that we would like to thank the many classmates and local businesses that have donated." Any new contributions would be helpful.

This was OUR Class's Memorial Scholarship Banner at Homecoming June 29th 2009.

Our banner was designed, made by, and donated by classmate John Sharples and Poyant Signs.

Thank you to the businesses and individuals donating the prizes and funds making this event a success!

Thank you to all who participated either donating prizes or by purchasing a raffle ticket or 50/50 chance ticket.

Actual funds brought in so far is $1267.00 We are mentioning so far because our thoughts are to maybe keep this fund open for the rest of the year or so and see what else we can come with in cash donations from other classmates and see if some of them can spread the word to relatives, friends, coworkers and businesses.

FHS Class of 1976 Homecoming Memorial Scholarship Fund Booth #101

Special thanks to our classmates helping out in our booth.

Tom, Mike, Kathy, Dave, Sara, Suzie (Suzie's Mom) and Polly

Brad                                             Howie
Lucy, Joel & Jerri                                       Brad & Wendy
Mike & Sara                          Kathy & Sara
Steve, Kathy and Dave                            Dave and Mike
   Tom Machado, his wife (to Russ's left) and Russ Sinclair

Hello fellow classmates! Hope everyone had a great holiday season.

         I just wanted to update everyone on the "Class of 1976 Memorial Scholarship Fund" As most of you are aware, a few of us thought it would be a great idea to set up a scholarship fund to both memorialize the many classmates that we have lost since graduation and also to help 1 or more future graduating students from FHS with their studies. Through a fundraiser held at last years Fairhaven Homecoming fair in June, we were able to raise $1267.00 so far. This was achieved through the many generous donations in the form of cash from fellow classmates and items as well that we were able to raffle off. We had lots of classmate volunteers that dedicated the day to help out and we were able to connect with a lot of others during the day to make it a great success. An account will be set up in a local Fairhaven bank under the Dollars For Scholars program set up by the school and I thought it would be a good idea to keep it open for an extra year to make the distribution to the student or students in 2011 to coincide with our 35th class reunion.         
Since the scholarship was announced, we have been able to connect with more and more classmates through both our class website and Facebook page so we would like to possibly keep the donations coming to build up the account some more during the next year or so and it could benefit possibly both a male and female graduate. A small selection committee would be formed from various classmates to help with the selections.         All of this information will be posted on the class’s web site as quickly as we have it. NOTE: NO LONGER TAKING DONATIONS FOR SCHOLARSHIPS.

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