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Fairhaven High School Class of 1976

How our web site came into existance.

I think and it's a pretty good assumption to think a web site was on the drawing board somewhere and from any of our classmates. It was through the recent passing of some of our classmates, that sparked three old friends from the "Class of 1976" to jump start the creativeness of this endeavor. Several emails to Tom McGreevy, whom has become our class's curator of sorts and to our class President, Kent Hakanson requesting various leads about classmates and overall general advice. The results of all of this is the site. We could write about the bumps, sharp curves, research, and U-turns taken in creating our class site, but, we would rather save the space and put the energy into sharing some photos and memories with you. To Mike and Steve, I thank you for the time, efforts, energy and patience you have allowed me in assisting you two great guys in this project. To Kenny, my old childhood friend, thanks for direction and advice.

Use the E-Mail sign-in option page which will allow you and fellow classmates to maintain the friendships we have renewed, and keep the communication lines open between us. We hope you enjoy YOUR site, as this is still evolving, maturing pretty much just like us and to our friends and visitors, welcome and thank you for your interest in what we always thought was, the best class out of Fairhaven High School, The Class of 1976!

The beginning...June 2007 @ The Pasta House, Fairhaven

Above photo was taken by fellow classmate Polly Hartigan who wished to remain out of this photo.

A short note from the rest of the staff.

Mike, Steve, Kent, and Tom would really like to thank the mastermind and creator of this great site, David Farias. We started the thought process in June of 2007 as just an idea but within days, and after a few calls and emails back and forth, Dave took the reigns and, with his computer expertise, had this site designed and everyday would add something new and exciting to it. As you all remember, we didn't even have computers in school. His tireless effort must be reconized so, when this site is live and the blog is added, please take a moment to thank him for HE is the true Spirit of '76! (MH)

Disclaimer:the purpose of this site is to help anyone out there who wants to know about the Class of 1976. Site not affiliated with Fairhaven High Alumni Association group, page is results of old friends from class of '76 remembering some of "the best of times" in our lives. For questions about the F.H.S. Alumni Association, contact Mr.Robert Foster('66) at for further details Site will add on pictures and information as soon as received. WWW.FHCS76.COM provides this information for your convenience and WWW.FHCS76.COM assumes no liability as to the accuracy of information or ANY other matter. WWW.FHCS76.COM recommends you verify any and all information with the appropriate Class of 1976 alumni members. ~ the Authors/Editors

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