sitemap Fairhaven High School Class Of 1976

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Fairhaven High School Class Of 1976

Our Class History

There were days that flew by too fast, ones that went too slowly as we waited in anticipation for the final years. They were the days which escorted us from childhood, and left us on the threshold of tomorrow.

Cocky and proud, we trudged our way through IVANHOE, THE ODYSSEY, and the boring grammar assignments. We tried to hurry the days, not realizing that later on, these sluggish days would all be gone. Dreams, laughter, and championship basketball and football games filled our lives. We were haughty, sure of ourselves - but our swollen pride was quickly shattered as we began our humble years at the high school. Orientation day, confusing and painful, eventually gave way to routine as we were "accepted". Biology labs, vacations, and cookbook sales brought us to Junior Day "74, when, as bewildered sophomores, we watched in wonderment as tearful Seniors departed.

Junior year brought more prestige and honor, We flaunted our rings; we wondered about Prom dates; suddenly, Junior day was upon us. Mixture of sadness, far anticipation, and excitement filled the air as we accepted our roles as seniors - this time watching thoughtfully as the Seniors departed, knowing we were next but not yet fully understanding the tears.

The summertime was filled with hazy thoughts of tomorrow. Colleges and careers became the topic of every conversation. We were afraid yet we were happy, and filled with experience of love and joys of true friendship. The future was advancing too quickly. Life was reaching out, ready to seize us with one great swoop as we moved through our final year. One day we prayed for graduation, the next we we wondering if we were ready.

Sometimes we could not wait to be free to be adults other times we wished the secure quite little world of the high school could last just a little longer. Too tough to be down, we filled our last year with laughter. Antics in the class room, the senior play M*A*S*H, our yearbook and the acceptances at colleges all caused such a whirlwind of turmoil - and the days slipped through our hands.

The time has come - we must leave, finally prepared and filled with unforgettable memories.

Graduation. The children had grown. Life and love were ours. The world stood at our fingertips, waiting for each of us to snatch our own small piece. Amid pats on the back, kisses on the cheek, proud parents and joy in the air, we, tearful blue and white clad figures, marched in beat to the music, finally. Walking slowly, one by one we received the precious blue folders. The final separation came. We accepted the huge challenges lying before us - we reached up, with trembling hands, and moved the dangling tassel to the other side.

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