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Fairhaven High School Class of 1976

FHS Class of 1976 Stained Glass Project

From our class "The Class Of 1976" to future FHS classes

Revolutionary Flag of '76 drapes over our stained glass window before unveiling.


Photos inside FHS taken by Mike Boucher and photos at gathering by John Sharples

Dragonfly Momentos for our classmates. Center, photos of how it all began. Right, classmates waiting for the show to begin.

Our classmates and the Class 1962 arrive. Alumni President Bob Foster speaks. Dave , Lori S.and Steve P. waiting for our turn.

Dave, Lori, Judy and John guard the Dragonflies. John and Judy greet classmates. FHS Principal Tara Kohler speak with Bob Foster.

Principal Tara Kohler and Dave still waiting. Tara taken in by the Class of '76. Steve, Jeff and Curt, three members of the Class '76.

Six photos;three above this row and these, Principal Tara speaks of how she enjoyed "personalities" of some of our class '76 members.

Tara concludes her speaking and Dave begins the unveiling ceremony.

Through laughs and some tear drops, we have arrived here today.

Explaning the "Dragonfly" bonding friendship among us, the key and lock theme and then Judy and Jeanne pull the cords!

Curt approves! John works the crowds. John and Judy answer questions of the process to other FHS classes.

Billy and Dave share a lighter moment. John and Jeanne. Marshall Jeff still on duty after all these years.

Jeff and Dave. Steve and Jeff discuss the Window. John, Judy and Dave on clean up detail.

Dave, Curt and Jeff all smiles. Kathy, Jessica, Dave and Thomas pose for the camera. Class of 1976's message for future Alumni.

Gathering of classmates at Pub 99. Jessica, Ann, Sara and Tom. Jeanne and Ed and Karen and Billy.

Gathering of old classmates after the unveiling at Pub 99.

Photos captured inside our school today by Photographer Mike Boucher of Dartmouth.

More of the above photos.

Sampling Of Two Gifts From Other FHS Classes

FHS '76 Classmate,

        Greetings to all of our fellow 1976 Fairhaven High Classmates. It has been quite a while since I have seen most of you and look forward to catching up with all of you at the 35th Reunion in just a few short years. This website has been a wonderful means of re-connecting with a lot of you and finding out what you have been up to these last 33 years.
        Paulette and I have moved quite a few years ago but our families are still in the area so we try to visit as much as we can. One time of the year that we always try to return is Homecoming in June. Last June we attended the “Taste Of Fairhaven” event at the High School the night before the fair and enjoyed the vast amount of local fare that was offered. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit this event yet, please try to do so. It is also a chance to catch of with old classmates, friends, and neighbors. This was also the first time, I hate to admit, that we had been back inside of the school since we graduated in 1976. The school was open to the public to wander through so we took advantage of that and went to the auditorium, room 7 which was under renovation, again and even walked up to the third floor to Mr. Margeson’s History classroom. I swore I thought I heard a little Blue Oyster Cult coming through the closed door. Nothing much has changed with the building in all these years but something did change in how I felt about this beautiful building. Unfortunately for most of us, and you all have to admit this, we never really appreciated the architectural beauty of this building and the amount of work and sweat that those skilled laborers must have gone through back in those days when there were no modern machines to help them. We just wanted to get through those years and on with our lives and probably never looked back.
        After touring the original section, we walked over to the newer addition that is stunning in the way that the architects and builders have duplicated a lot of the original designs and materials used in the initial construction of the main building. As you may know or have seen, they incorporated a rotunda design between the two buildings. Inside there are displays with artifacts from the past history of the school as well as wide open space for current and future students to sit and hopefully reflect on what we may have missed about the school. Now, one thing that took my breath away was the beautiful stained glass windows that were hung by a chain in front of the standard clear windows. Each one had a different design AND had a glass along the bottom that said it was donated by a particular class from Fairhaven High. I thought to myself, how cool is that and wondered why OUR distinct class couldn’t have one of those hanging there someday as well. The next day at the Homecoming Fair, I spoke with FHS Alumni president Bob Foster to get some information on how we could possibly have a specially designed glass with the words “Donated by the Class of 1976” hanging in that rotunda and he put me in contact with the designer who I have been working with the last few months so I could get our classmates as much information to you as possible so we can all make a decision together as a class.
        So, in the spirit of our upcoming 35th reunion in a few years, the spirit of the school’s constant renovation project, AND the Spirit of the Class of ’76, I have decided to spearhead this project and if all goes well, we would be able to have this glass hung around the time we have our reunion. The designer has told me that the total cost of the project will cost about $2,200.00 or less depending on the design we (our class) come up with. I was amazed that the price, I think, was pretty doable considering how many classmates we have that may be able to donate what ever you can afford. I realize that this might not be the best economic time to ask for donations but any funds that you may be able to depart with for this great cause would be great. I am still in the process of gathering information but I have heard that, because this would be a gift to the school, it is tax deductible as long as our class has received a non-profit status that I would also take care of.
        We have found 2 photographs of two of the classes previous to us that have donated and they are located above on this page to give you an example what other classes have already performed. To develop a design for our class, the designer would need an initial deposit of $500.00 for labor and material and suggestions on what type of design we would all agree on. She will develop a couple of designs and I will have them posted on our website along with an email notice of their development so everyone can see them and give me your opinions. Once we have raised the rest of the funds, the project will move forward and information would be provided once the stained glass window is completed and when we can have a ceremony to hang it. I also need to work with the school to establish the location of the glass and the timeline for hanging it. Through the website and emails, I will keep you updated as to what funds have been donated to date and any other information that may come along pertaining to the project. We have a lot of creative and talented classmates that could give some great input on a design and I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide me with some information. Once funds start to come in, I will open up an account solely for this purpose. Anything you could do would be greatly appreciated toward the completion of this project. You can ask that your name be posted on the site for donations or ask that it be anonymous. The status of this project will be posted up on our website. Thanks, Mike Hartigan.

        This project will re-establish our class as one of the greatest classes in FHS history and, with a permanent display in our beloved school, show visitors that we want to be remembered from generations to come. Let me know how I can help you with your decision.

Class of 1963

Do Not Send Any Funds To This Web Site. Contact Mike For Directions About This Class Gift Project.
Any contributors will be posted in this space without monetary amounts.


Rosemary Keighley * Cheryl(Paulson)Dwelly * Dave Finch * The R. P. Garro Company * Linwood P. Harriman & Lynda (Harriman) Racine * Kent Hakanson * Glenn Baptiste * Suzanne (Desroshiers) Vitek * John Sharples * Mike & Polly (Fredette) Hartigan * Karyn (DeMello) LeBonte * Deb (Rousseau) & Ray Canastra * Bob Collins * Chris Richard * Tad Duarte * Thomas McGreevy * Doug Dwelly * Sue Isabell * Lynne Gautreau * Deb Hathaway * Betty Ruggles-Govoni * Donna & Eric Anderson * Sue Murray * Sara Lamarre * Deb (Lake) Blum * Steve Rebello * Deb (Bourgault) Watt * Dave Farias * Kathy Lopes * Jim Mathieu

Posted from John Sharples on facebook - July 5th 2011. I have a friend, a friend with a big heart and a passion for things that mean a lot. Most of you know Mike Hartigan from school. Mike and I were not really friends in high school. I believe now that if we would have had the opportunity to say hello back then, that we would have been best of friends. Well Mike has a dream for all of us. He would like to put a stain glass window that represents the Class Of 1976 (our class) in at the Fairhaven High School auditorium for all the next generations of Fairhaven children to see every day. My dream is to help Mike make this happen for you. I know the economy is bad right now, but there can be a fun way to get this done. So if you spent your child hood playing in the streets of Fairhaven Massachusetts , sitting on the docks watching the fishing boats come and go. Sitting under a tree with your Guitar or just laying in the grass looking at the clouds thinking about what you were going to become in life, or if you have a friend that you care about from the Class of '76 you can help. So this is my idea. This time we will go green and do our part for the earth at the same time. Everyone is going to win here. Starting today and ending on September 30th 2011 Save your beer and soda cans. you can cash them in as you go or put them aside till Sept 30 you can post a photo of your collection from time to time to add to the fun, September 30th is cash in day. Last I heard was the project would cost $2.500,00. Anything left over will go to a charity or a party. We can pick when this is over. Remember you do not have to be a classmate to help us out. Let us have fun with this and get it done. Thanks, John Sharples.

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