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This is still the bulletin board, except that I’ll posted what is new to the site or what page has been updated or modified to make checking out the site process easier.   You can check this page periodically for updates when we acquire any additional information from various sources.

Board Last Updated: March 29th 2022

Added Ida Roderick to the Educators In Memory page.

Added Dorren Nelson to the Educators In Memory page.

Added Robert Marchand to the In Memory page.

Added Jessica Diggle Collinson ot the In Memory page. Jess passed away Nov 21st 2021 Rest in Peace Jess.

Found out about Sue Griffith past Sunday morning and Updated he Class In Memory page. Sue passed back in 2018 and just finding out about her passing now. RIP Sue.

Added George Demers (Jr High P.E. Teacher) Obituary to in memory page, Junior High educator.

Added Charles Foley Obituary to in memory page, FHS educator.

Posted Paul Turgeon's Obituary to In Memory page 7-27-2021.

45th CLASS REUNION is on! Friday October 8th 2021 Details to follow soon. Reservation Golf Club in Mattapoisett, Mass.

Posted updated info on current REUNION #45 situation on main page.

Posted or added Sue Trafotns' (our English teacher) Obituary to In Memory page 12-11-2020. Thanks to Chris R. for bringing this to our attention.

Posted Leroy's Obituary to In Memory page 10-23-2020.

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