45 Years 45 Years

OCTOBER 8th 2021 6:30PM - 12PM

Register to attend 45th Class Reunion.

A head count is required to hand off to the Caterers as well as the Reservation Golf facility's housekeeping. Food, Music and Mingle with friends $50 per person. Please register if you are attending and if bringing a guest with you. No Ticket sales or payments allowed at the door.

Before meeting up with anyone—like our classmates at a class reunion—knowing their COVID-19 vaccination status is important. If classmates are unvaccinated, you can adjust your plans, accordingly, depending on your personal comfort levels. Always remember that some classmates who have compromised immune systems and others that are unable to get a COVID-19 vaccine, these classmates remain susceptible to COVID-19 infection, so if you are unsure of some of our classmates are protected against COVID-19 — wear a mask. This shows that you’re wearing a mask for their safety, and you’d prefer to continue doing so unless they are fully vaccinated. Various activities pose different risks and knowing whether classmates are vaccinated puts all parties on the same page. As the reunion date becomes closer and if Covid cases continue to rise, the committee will make a decision to postpone the reunion ASAP. We understand that travel could be an issue and we apologize in advance. If the reunion is cancelled and you have already mailed in your check we will either return your check or send a refund. Please make sure your address is on your check.

Reservation Golf Club - 10 Reservation Road, Mattapoisett, Mass. 02739

Mail payment to CLASS 76 45th REUNION C/O Ann St. Gelais - 51 Duke Street, New Bedford, Mass. 02740

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$50 per person. Will send email receipt & ticket(s) once payment received as completes registration process.

No Ticket sales or payments allowed at the door.



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